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Interesting video. Regarding the bullet points, the attitude and mindset expressed within them is what is at the origin of every high crime neighborhood. DON'T GET INVOLVED, IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!! SUBMIT!

Given the advice in the bullet points, this man was wrong for defending himself and his property.

This advice kinda reminds me of when they use to tell women to submit during a sexual assault.

As a side note regarding this incident, this is why I always cruise the parking lot around an ATM before stopping. When I do stop, I always get out of my car and constantly look around... If a bad guy is coming, I can see them coming (my car sits to low for my to see anything if I remain in it). Secondly, I have time to draw and can use a 1200lbs vault/safe as cover. I doubt few handgun or rifle calibers could penetrate an ATM and exit.
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