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I was actually about to post a question about this. My answer was not in the FAQs.

Luckily I'm one of those who would rather read 10 pages before asking a question someone may have already answered.

My first ever forum was THR (Summer 2k11). I've read millions of posts, some of them years old. I've heard several people mention TFL and finally wandered in here.

If you're seeking input ..."

I am. If anyone else has an opinion on it, speak up.
Since you asked.

I spend a ton of time reading on THR, because it always seems so busy.
TFL seems dead. I hit "New Posts" and only 6 items? I end up going back to THR where there are so many open threads.

I've already quit reading some threads (on TFL) because I did not remember where I left off yesterday.

I changed my settings to 10 posts per page on THR so I would not accidently skip too far ahead if I did not make it to the bottom of the page.

I was completely baffled about why it kept taking me to the very last post when I clicked "View First Unread". (on TFL)

If you keep it the way you have it, you should change that to:
"View First Unread - in the last 20 minutes"

EDIT: The TFL old-timers seem to like it this way, I dont want to mess up someone elses good thing. BUT the poll only had 39 replies, that seems like a small sample to me. I dont know how many users TFL has.

Either way, this isnt my house, so I'll follow the "house rules". Just my .02

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