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Over the years I have run quite a few different powders through my Remington .270, and for the most part I can say they were all pretty accurate, but some were simply outstanding.

This said, with the Ballistic Tip, I would look for an accuracy load in the neighborhood of around 2800fps. Granted you could push for more velocity, but with the BT your not going to need it to get good performance. This bullet will do all you need done out to over 300yds on deer or feral hogs.

I have used IMR, Hodgdon, and AA 4350 and really saw not a lot of differences in the three. The slower powders in the 4831 burn rate are also good but you should use a different bullet to avoid some nasty trimming jobs due to the velocity they generate.

Actually my overall best shooting load was worked up back when my mom was still hunting. She needd something that had a light recoil, so I worked up a load using the 130gr BT and IMR-3031. This was a VERY mild recoiling load and the accuracy was simply outstanding. She used it for several years, then gave it up, and I used it for quite a few before my daughter started using it. It took over a dozen whitetails as well as numerous hogs to ranges out past 300yds. It never blew up due to the lower velocity even on a close up shot of 30 or so yards.

Today there are numerous very good powders to choose from. Just decide what your end use will be and load accordingly. If for deer, you might want to stick with a mid ranged velocity ove the top ends with the BT, or simply give the Partition a look.

Good luck.
Mike / TX
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