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The guns are supposed to be proofed with rounds that are 30% above the SAAMI limit, not 30% above whatever the ammo companies are currently loading below that limit.
I'm not aware of any standard under SAAMI that requires proofing with anything other than standard pressure loadings, I'd be very interested to see any information you have along those lines.
So, I still think that ammo that complies with the CUP limit is SAFE enough in modern guns that you are not going to hurt yourself by using it.
I agree that if you're using ammo that complies with current SAAMI specs in modern firearms you shouldn't encounter problems.

That's not quite the same thing as saying that pressure limits, once published, are always good. It's important to understand that sometimes pressure specs are actually revised downward for safety reasons.

An interesting thread I happened upon. If you believe Iowegan, the .357Mag was revised downward by SAAMI in 1995. And again, if you believe him, it wasn't actually SAAMI's idea to do the revision.
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