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It depends upon the gun. 1911's typically need some TLC and testing. I always run 200-300 rounds of FMJ through my 1911's before testing them with expensive JHP.

I have found over the course of 10+ Glocks that they generally do not need very much testing. I'll put 100 rounds through a Glock (mostly for fun) and and then fire a mixture of JHP and FMJ through each magazine. About a decade ago, I saw one Glock jam on every other shot. There was a burr in the chamber (I could see a line on the brass). We shot the gun until it wore away and it was fine after that.

I treat SIGs the same as a Glock since I've had so many of them. If it jams, it's likely broken and needs a trip back to SIG.

Browning Hi-Power MK IIIs receive the same testing as my Glock pistols.

I've experienced lots of trouble with Kahr pistols, so they get the 200-300 round break-in followed up with 100 rounds of JHP. If it jams too much, it gets sent back to the factory. I redo the test and it gets dumped if it fails again.

I try to do at least 50 rounds through any new revolver. I send it back to the factory if it jams, spits, binds or fails to fire. I then run a cylinder or two of JHP through it for familiarization. If the flash is huge and the recoil is stout, I'll keep going because it's a hoot. Otherwise, I'll go back to practice ammo.
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