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Consistency = accuracy


Think I read that somewhere in here.
I will trim them and then they will all be the same +/- .001"
If nothing else, will have the peace of mind that all rounds are the same.
Just purchased the WFT (World's Finest Trimmer) and that will speed things up a bit.
Now then, I would not want to attempt to load these brass or any brass cases and expect any type of accuracy it would not happen not to mention they must be full length sized if using in a semi-auto and to even think of putting one of those round in a bolt would be unthough of in my reloading.

As I reload I Full length size then trim, and why is I run a FCD (factory crimp die) on my reloads for a more consistent FSP but if you are just wanting a round to go bang and then scratch your head wondering why you can not get MOA or if you only want to hit the target 12'' and that good enough then don't trim I am not jumping in your stuff but to be in the hobby of reloading and just wanting to get by sooner or later will get you in trouble sooner or later.
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