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The min. load is 5.0 grains. I suggest starting there and working up your load 0.1 grain intervals. You should find the load that works best for your needs. You can also watch for over pressure signs and should be able to spot them before you start to get dangerously high. 5.5 might work but you may never know what works best without starting low and working your way up slowly. I suggest staying away from the max loads if possible. I doubt you will find any load above 5.8 grains that will improve things.

Load 5 to 10 rounds for each test load. Try shooting from a rest, sandbags or at least use something stable to help you to remove as much of the human factor as possible when testing. Probably you will find 3 loads that work best. Then take the one in the middle. Your mileage may vary.

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