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Shoulder collapse

Went to the range today and tried out my second series of re-loads for my 6.5 mag. Got home, lubed them with One Shot, let sit a minute or two, and began full length sizing. After a few cases, I noticed a "ring" just above the shoulder on one casing. I payer it no attention and continued, sizing two more cases. After the 3rd ring I decided to inspect. I found a small indention in the area between the shoulder and the beginning of the neck. Checked the other 2, same thing.
I remember reading too much lube could cause this, so I wiped clean with a towel, and re-applied with less generosity. The cases "vibrated"up, and down, in the FL die in what appeared to be, and obviously was, a "lack of" lube situation.
I tried re-setting the die, same result. Taking of apart and cleaning, same result in both re-set scenarios.
These cases (6.5 mag) are somewhat hard to come by and I'm at my wits end which was a short trip anyway due to my '06s performance at the range. Please advise.
Here are some pics if this helps.the case on the bottom is one of the victims recently FL sized.the same 2 cases, except this time the victim is on the right.same victimized case, different angle.
If it helps, I'm using Redding dies.
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