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.357 mag loading

Ok just got my press up and running. I picked up 100 158 grain lead swc and 100 158 grain plated swc. I only loaded 3 of each i didn't find much info on the plated bullets. but I loaded a safe load between plated and lead loads. I am using xtream brand bullets cci 500 primers and hp-38 powder and some once shot blazer brass. So I loaded the lead at 3.4 grains right to the book but i did see later that i pressed the oal a little short looking at the wrong length in the book. Well here is my problem two out of 3 were really weak and the third didn't make it out of my snub nose. I loaded up 3 more with 4 grain hoping for better results. I did not even have a chance to shoot the plated would love to hear some feed back on the lead and any other info on the plated rounds.

Thank You
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