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The slides are indentical EXCEPT the 380 version was first. Most of the 380s were first variation, meaning that among a few other things, they had 9 rear slide serations which were wider. Later, they made them with thinner slide serations and made approx 15 when the 32 was introduced. In other words, any 32 would have the later 15 slide serration slide. Off the top of my head, they are marked the same otherwise.

As an aside, I think this is one of the best pocket autos ever made esp out of the vintage ones. They feel great in the hand too. They are indeed the natural pointer that some people refer to them as.

Here is my 380 that I used to have. I later gave it away to my uncle as a xmas gift. He was delighted as any of us would be.

Here is the 32 version I bought a few years ago. The 32s are much more uncommon with only approx 10k made vs 55k made of the 380 model. Note the increase of serrations and their thinness compared to the 380 above.

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