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Powder Check Die

I had this thought as I was reading the thread about the guy purchasing a Dillon 550 or a 650.

Just curious for those of you who have a Dillon press if you use a powder check die or if not.

I have a 1050 but I don't use a powder check. Typically I look into each case to verify the level. That said, after several thousand rounds, I haven't had one throw a terrible weight (It's always within .1). Have you guys ever had drop a seriously erroneous weight? The 1050 is set up so that you can't accidentally bring the press down onto the same case twice(ratchet system), so as long as you are going all the way up and all the way down in your throws, there shouldn't be any major differences.

That all said, safety is my first concern. I never load hot loads and I always weigh every couple to ensure the correct volume of powder. I'm just wondering if the powder check is an (i hate to use the word) unnecessary precaution.
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