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Even national champions wobble when they shoot a match: no one can hold a pistol perfectly steady. The sloution is to manage the wobble. Most of the time the wobble is in the form of a figure 8 laying on its side. If you keep your sights perfectly aligned and you have a good trigger release your pistol can wobble the size of your target and you will still hit the bull's eye.

The way that I practiced when I shot for several Marine Corps pistol teams is with serious dry firing. I practed to develope my grip, my trigger finger placement, my sight alignment and my trigger release. I dry fired at least thirty minutes a day. Because I was developing the above procedures I snapped in aginst a blank white wall. Any miss alingment of the sights when the trigger was relesed was apparent. When I practiced using ammo I shot in cadence for timed and rapid fire. Meaning that as soon as the sights were aligned I released the trigger whether the sights were at six o'clock or not. Soon I was putting most of my bullets in the X or ten ring.

If you have the shakes and not a wobble I don't know what to tell you. I'm seventy five years old now and I have the shakes so I shoot off of a bench and with sand bags.

Semper Fi.

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