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SC loophole in law places CCW holders in same category with criminals carrying guns..

Let's examine two scenarios in which one is charged with the exact same crime:

1) A CCW holder leaves his/her handgun on the seat of his/her car and a cop notices it while walking past the car, perhaps (open carry is legal in NC but not in SC; even though this doesn't negate the fact this person was in SC, I thought I'd mention it)
2) Someone is arrested on another charge and during pat-down, a gun is found concealed illegally on them

The charge is called: unlawful carry of a handgun and you can view the law of SECTION 16-23-20 located here:

Dose this seem ridiculous to anyone else? CCW holders would be equated to common criminals found to be carrying a gun concealed and without a permit, for example.

The charge is a misdemeanor and can get you 1 year in jail. Shouldn't there be separate charges for these crimes?
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