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Thanks alot for all of the replies, and I have been trying to do a little research and learning more and more about how challenging it must be. I have never shot beyond 500 yards and that was difficult enough.

I aim to do plenty of research and be confident in my decision before I spend the money, however I do believe that I want to go ahead and get a suitable rifle for serious long range shooting because if I buy a Savage and a year later am ready to upgrade, then I'll lose a good chunk of that to depreciation and in my area there will not be much of a market for that type of gun. What I want to do is get a high quality long range rifle and let my skill level slowly grow into the potential of that rifle.

Can anyone give me a decent idea of price range for a high quality custom built bench rest rifle in 6.5x284, and also if there is a more popular and "better" caliber for 1,000 yard br shooting?

Thanks again for the help so far!
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