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Thanks. I need to push the bullets further in and re-crimp. They are currently seated just enough to cover the red.

So far these rounds have only been fired in an SP101, and an 11oz J-frame. I noticed they recoil more in the J-frame than 158gr +P ammo does, which got me looking closer at them, because they shouldn't. I know that increasing seating depth increases pressure, so I will probably only shoot the remaining ammo in the SP101.

I'll back off the load significantly for anything I want to shoot in the J-frame, but its primarily a backup carry weapon. The load I'm using is 140gr bullets over 5.3gr of Power Pistol. They recommend 6.1gr for 125gr bullets and 5.4gr for 158gr bullets, so I thought this would be more than safe.

Any idea why a light charge, with too much OAL would cause a round that recoils worse than 158gr +P factory ammo?
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