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Cast Bullet Loads For .45 Colt

I've got a shipment of Missouri Bullet's cast 250 gr rnfp's on the way. I've got a New Vaquero and a Marlin 1894 in .45 Colt to shoot them in.

I've loaded a lot of jacketed rounds for these guns and some swaged lead bullets also. This will be my first time loading cast lead bullets.

The bullets are .452 Dia., Brinell 12. (I didn't slug the barrel of my rifle so hopefully these are gonna work 'cause I ordered 500 of them).

I've been researching in my reloading manuals and on-line for a good medium to high power load for these bullets that is reasonably accurate and won't lead my barrels.

Seems as if a lot of different powders may work. I've found load data for Unique, Universal, W231, Red Dot, and a bunch of others. I'm hoping some of you more experienced cast bullet guys can help me narrow it down a bit. My real concern is (unknowingly) experimenting with a load that produces a lot of leading, because getting lead out of the rifle's 24" barrel would be a real chore.

For reference, I've been loading 250 gr XTP's with 8.3 gr of Universal and that seems to be a pretty good load for my guns as far as accuracy and power.

If anyone would be willing to share a recipe for a 250 gr cast bullet that will be more-or-less equivalent to my XTP load above, I'd appreciate it.
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