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OMG, $7K-$10K!!!

That seems to be a bit high. Well I haven't pay attention to the price of AK recently, that can be true
Anyway, in order to legally own a C-3 item as a civilian in the US, first you have to live in one of those C-3 states. For any non-domestic MG's, you have to find out the background of the gun. Most of the MG's in private hands are semi-auto conversions, which are fully transferable 'til May '86. No foreign MG's are transferable after '64 (there are few in very extreme cases, most of them are pre-86 dealer sample anyway). Any factory new MG's after '64 are LE/C-3 dealers only. There is no way to tell the origin of a MG by appearance as many conversions are so detailed.
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