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I don't know how to tell you this, but you need to do a little more research on both benchrest shooting and 1,000 yard shooting.

A benchrest rifle will be at least 12 lbs and not suitable for hunting and while you can use a 1,000 yard rifle for hunting, it would be impractable since it would be set-up for the 1,000 yard distance and at 100 to 200 yards you will miss the target by a mile. (you are talking about a 36 inch or bigger drop at 1,000 yards so your scope and rail (20 MOA rail) will be set at too long a range).

I love and own Savage rifles and they are super accurate. But the type of accuracy that you are talking about is only gotten with specally built rifles and years of practice. There are no short cuts for Benchrest or 1,000 yard shooting.

Spend some time on this forum (I am a member there too) and read up all you can there.


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