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Savage BR Rifles Compared to Custom Built Rifles

I know I've been posting alot regarding my search for knowledge in benchrest shooting and trying to determine what rifle to buy, but I believe I am almost to the point of making a decision. As many of you have already seen I have been looking for a rifle that I could use for 1,000 yard bench rest shooting (for fun NOT competition, yet) and that might be able to be doubled for a deer hunting rifle (this is no longer a requirement, just icing on the cake).

I believe the 6.5x284 is my caliber choice (but still open to ideas), now what I want to try and figure out is if the Savage Long Range Hunter series or the Savage Target series rifles are in any way comparable to the custom built rifles used in long range competition?? I am very un-informed on the technical issues of the custom built rifles and what the differences are between them and rifles such as the Savage Target series. I know the target series looking very similar to the custom built rifles I have seen on the bench rest websites, but I know that looks can be deceiving.

I will be handloading all of my ammo in case anyone is wondering, and my price range is up to $1,200 and the rifle does not HAVE to double as a deer rifle. Any help on the comparisons between these two types of rifles and the price range for a custom built rifle compared to that of a stock Savage Target series rifle would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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