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Well let me just "pile it on",,,, So my story starts like this, Midway had a special on Hogue overmoulded stocks that were advertised to fit my rifle, and get this, on SALE!!!, well I bought one, they sent it, trouble was, wrong stock,,,,, I mailed it back and ordered a different brand,( I read all the stinking reviews) and according to the reviews on this product, most patrons had to do some form of fitting to get the stock to fit...

Well let me tell ya, they WONT TAKE BACK A STOCK THAT HAS BEEN LIGHLTY DREMMELED!!!! and so they had me send it to B&C, where the nice lady told me they shipped it back to me,(before I could talk to a technician and explain).

So now I have this $148.00 lampshade stand....

but I still order goods from Larry, because well because he's cool!!

And you are totally right there Franken, those mouths will split,,, but I think Larry will make it good for you, happy loading man..
Thanks for coming!
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