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I see the misunderstanding now.
But... I have never had anyone refer to 3rd party shipping as a "drop shipment" in my life. Perhaps its a regional thing, such as...

BTW I work in the industrial development business and if I am lucky, I will have two days notice when I have to travel to any point in the country. I have leased millions of SF of space to UPS and it may be the finest company in the world. If you want it delivered on time and want to know where your stuff is at any point in time while in transit, there is no company like Brown period!
That's true... right up until delivery. In my town, if you want the delivery driver to lob your $4,500 package onto your porch, and break all the contents... There is only one question you need to ask: What can Brown do for you?
Around here, FedEx sucks; but UPS is worse.

(I am home all day. I have seen 50+ UPS deliveries lobbed onto my porch by the drivers. It isn't a single, isolated incident. The most incredible one, ever, was launched from my driveway, nearly 40 feet onto my porch. That jackass driver was lucky that the scope inside was not damaged, and the window not broken. )
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