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I was attacked by 3 kids last year at school. I hit one while they were in the pushing/talking smack stage, cutting his forehead, then moved on to wannabe gangster number 2... But didnt see number 3 behind me until I was on the ground after a nice punch to the back of the head. I learned 3 things. 1. Keep your head on a swivel. 2. Stay on your feet, at all costs. A kick to the face is no fun. 3. Land the first shot/fight dirty. There are no rules in a fight. I say this to say that 7 people is pack your shtuff up and go time. Dont be a hero unless a loved one is on the line. I will be called a whimp or wharltever before taking on 7 people. Im no John Wayne and dont claim to be. The only way I like my odds there is from 50 yards, in an alley, with 3 15round mags in something sturdy... Even then I dont want to play for keeps. No sir, not me.
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