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Originally Posted by csmss
Issa can't offer Cunningham immunity. Only the DoJ can.
A congressional committee or subcommittee can grant immunity.

18 USC 6002 - Immunity generally

Whenever a witness refuses, on the basis of his privilege against self-incrimination, to testify or provide other information in a proceeding before or ancillary to—

(1) a court or grand jury of the United States,
(2) an agency of the United States, or
(3) either House of Congress, a joint committee of the two Houses, or a committee or a subcommittee of either House,

and the person presiding over the proceeding communicates to the witness an order issued under this title, the witness may not refuse to comply with the order on the basis of his privilege against self-incrimination; but no testimony or other information compelled under the order (or any information directly or indirectly derived from such testimony or other information) may be used against the witness in any criminal case, except a prosecution for perjury, giving a false statement, or otherwise failing to comply with the order.
18 USC 6005 provides the mechanism for proceedings by Congress.

All DOJ gets is 10-day advance notice of the order and the potential to delay an order up to 20 days (for example, to bring charges from pending investigations before they would be forestalled by the grant of immunity).

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