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FYI drop shipment is a term used to denote shipments that are not made directly from the seller but through a 3rd. party which in my case was Western Powders. You are correct in that Midway states this clearly on their website.

Western Powder did not send a tracking notice for the shipment so there was no way to track the shipment so arrangements could not be made to accept the delivery. My preference is not to use FedEx due to service failures but not given the choice.

BTW I work in the industrial development business and if I am lucky, I will have two days notice when I have to travel to any point in the country. I have leased millions of SF of space to UPS and it may be the finest company in the world. If you want it delivered on time and want to know where your stuff is at any point in time while in transit, there is no company like Brown period!
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