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When attacked by multiple assailants: MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF ONE OF THEM

WARNING: Offensive content.
Man attacked behind a school by 7 assailants. Beaten and robbed.

When faced with multiple assailants, even if you have a CCW, trying to take on all of them is just foolish and may even end up deadly for you if someone manages to get hold of your weapon, knife or gun.

Instead, you grab the one that is closest to you and make a nice, shining example out of him.

I don't think his friends will continue to show that much alacrity in attacking you when they witness their accomplice being put in a bear hug, then ventilated at point blank range, or had some KaBar surgery performed on his intestines.

Yelling like a banshee or a crazed soldier of the 1st Liousiana Infantry during the 1st Battle of Manassas, while you are sending that assailant to the grave helps too. Psyops, nice and easy.
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