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I see a lot of posts by people who are saying they're very well trained for shooting.

I dont see any posts on how well trained they are for getting shot at.

Granted, there are not many places you can really do that. The mental reaction though of being shot at will make the difference in your physical reaction. Criminals dont neccesarily need to be great shots. They have the mental capability of dealing with "life on the edge." And I'd say in a great number of cases, all that is needed to cripple someone is do it mentally. A quick succesion of shots fired your way, accurate or not is often enough to do that to most people. Add in the fact that many probably are better shots then most would like to assume, and you have a very dangerous and lucrative (for lack of a better word) situation.

Just a little FYI for those who think combat vets are a big issue. About 30,000 of the 198,000 Marines are in a combat MOS, the rest is support personnel and dont see much combat if any. Many of the combat personnel dont even see much either. Not saying theres not battalions who havent been put through hell and back, but the numbers of potential combat hardened criminals narrows down significantly.

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