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Name one thing you froze at your last match

I froze my brain. Apparently I was not alone.

Our club, Green Mountain Practical Shooters, held its monthly match Sunday 1/15/12.
It was -2F.
35 showed up for the 140-rd, five-stage match.
It was cold. And very windy through the morning, enough to blow over steel.
One shooter who came from out of state to compete could not believe we'd set up a Classifier in those conditions.

We score with Palm Pilots, and another squad accidentally reset their Palm after their third stage, zeroing out ALL three stages they'd shot.
On our last stage my RO gave me the "Make Ready" command while three folks were still downrange pasting targets.
I didn't, and we got that cleared up.
After my last shot of my last stage of my shot-clean match (woo-hoo!) I was given the "Unload and show BANG!" command. I shot the wall 2ft in front of me for a DQ. I've competed since 1995 and have attended hundreds of matches. I still made that HUGE mistake.

The cold can do that.
"all my ammo is mostly retired factory ammo"
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