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Originally Posted by shurshot
I agree that Buckshot or slugs has a better chance of stopping a bad guy, as oppossed to birdshot... no dispute here guys.
So then why not use and advocate the use of, the indisputably more effective loading?

Originally Posted by shurshot
However, to read many of your posts, you make birdshot at close range sound as effective as a Crosman BB gun.
Interesting impression you gathered. When I reread the posts in this thread I can't find anything even close to suggesting that.

Originally Posted by shurshot
Book and numbers are great for armchair commandos, but getting outside and testing the rounds yourself is more fun and reality based. Just saying...LOL! Load what you will. Be safe.
You ever tested birdshot on a drugged up, psycho home invader?

You ever hunted 150-400 pound wild boar with birdshot?

Ever killed a deer with birdshot?

Didn't think so.

Read,or reread post #46 Bart does a good job of laying the facts out.
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