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What's the range like Saturday mornings these days?
Hit and miss, no pun intended. My experience has been that during football season, it's pretty busy when they open. Usually a line starts about 15-30 minutes before they open on both Saturday and Sunday...everyone wants to get their shooting in before the college and pro games start. I try to get there about 15 minutes after they open so I can get in after the cycle out the first group when their hour is up. I don't watch sports so I go when the games are on and generally have a much easier time getting in and I can sometimes stay as long as I want because no one is waiting.
Monday is the best day. If you can go during the late morning or early afternoon its usually about 1/3 full, except on Fed. holidays.

I'd love to meet some of y'all up there, but I'm stuck working weekends for a while until I get a new employee trained. We've probably seen each other up there already.
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