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Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts Quote
There is no "perfect" solution to this.

There is no perfect solution perhaps; but I think we can agree that allowing a website to be shut down even for an unsubstantiated allegation of copyright infringement is such a bad solution that it is worse than the disease.
That is a system that cannot coexist with free speech.
I do agree that it is wrong, and and at least in my mind unconstitutional to allow a website, etc to be shut down due to an unsubstantiated allegation. This would violate due process.

As currently stands, there isnt a huge amount of enforcement of pirated material. A few huge cases to try to prove a point, but no real, long term, regular enforcement action is there currently. At some point there will "need" to be at some level. What level? I am conflicted on this.

This fight has been fought for years on different levels, even before there was the internet. It comes down to a individualism vs collectivism.

I dont see how pirating knowledge, and a persons work should a proud stance and fight to take on. Perhaps instead those writers, actors, designers, etc, should stop producing so there is nothing new left to pirate? After all, if the person doing the work isnt allowed to profit from their labor, why should others?
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