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Well, yes and no.

The intent of the constitutional convention was to come up with something that worked better than what they already had, the Articles of Confederation. States rights are all fine and dandy but if you don't hang together, you all...well, you know the rest. It was not an attempt to cover everything for all times and all places. In fact, as soon as the ink was dry, there were already planning changes. Did you know the first copy was published in German, by the way?

Some of the original provisions were quite novel, like having the runner-up in the presidential election become the vice-president. But then, given as how most countries around the world were monarchies, everything about the document was novel. That's probably why no one ever thought about political parties and how they would fit in to our political life. There had never been any before.

While I said they were radical and not conservative in our contemporary sense, the still represented the gentry of the country. The leaders of the new country had been the leaders of the country before the revolution. It was not so much a revolution as a colonial war (and probably the first one at that). It was the new government that was revolutionary. The French Revolution and the Russian Revolution, now those were revolutions.
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