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There are two main reasons why people pirate.

1) Because they can. These people don't really care about the item they're downloading, they do it mainly because it's there. They would never buy the item simply because they don't care if they have/see/hear it. Stopping these people is pointless in a sense because even if they can't pirate something, they still won't buy it.

2) Because it's more convenient. These are the people you can win over as customers. These people want your product in a digital form. Make your product easily available, such as in the Kindle store, Google Music, Amazon digital, etc. If they can buy it and download it instantly, they will. If they can't, then they'll pirate.

The people that don't fall into these two categories, in general, will get around any attempted preventative measures anyway. What they're doing is already illegal, so destroying the internet in an attempt to stop them is somewhat akin to an assault weapon ban, or magazine capacity limits. It only hurts the honest people.
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