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While on I do understand the concerns about members and owners of forums like this as well as other networking sites and the folk who decide to use them. The more that I read into this, it gets more into a contest between 2 conflicting ideals. The one side is who thinks that a persons work, whether it be a movie they made, book or article they wrote, etc, should be their own property, as well as having the rights to profit from it. The flip side seems to be that the others want free access to it, and dont want any exceptions. I see it only as 2 different sides competing for money. Bascially should I go to the store and buy the book/DVD so the producer, etc, profits from it? Or do I go to the internet, and get a pirated copy, and only pay my internet bill?

How do I think this will affect TFL? Beyond the minimum effect of maybe paying closer attention to policing any quotes from the media, etc, I dont think it will have a huge long term effect. The first ammendment IS there, and will protect the free speech. It will not and should not protect pirated material used without the owners permission or payment to the owner.

More to the point, lets say I take 2 years of my free time and write a novel on gun owners. I am offered and sign an agreement with a publisher for "MY" work to be published in print. Once published, it gets pirated online, so I basically get a very tiny amount of money in return for my 2 years of labor to support my second ammendment rights. The internet providers, etc, make alot of money without having to reimburse me for my 2 years of labor, they take their profit and support anti-second ammendment causes.

The internet isnt the "free" kingdom people proclaim. There are those that make tons of money, and other people that have money stolen from them on the internet.

I know others will disagree with my views, and you are more then welcome to. I respect where the other side is coming from as well. There is no "perfect" solution to this.
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