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I agree, yet the Federalist Papers, for instance, were not voted for by the people; neither was the constitution, even though it starts out, if I remember correctly, "We, the people." Those were radical days and not at all conservative in the sense we use the word now. All of the conservative people either left the country or kept their mouth shut. Some just moved further west.

You may recall that the constitution was not the first attempt at organizing the government of the United States. The previous one resulted in too weak a federal government. But still, it starts out, "to form a more perfect union," not "a more powerful and stronger government." It did work out that way, though. All revolutions, successful or unsuccessful, increase the power of government.

The constitution did not support slavery, it merely accepted it. It was an issue that was not resolved with the constitution, which may be just as well, since it didn't solve all the other problems either. These days, were a new constitution to be written, I suspect it would be a hundred times longer.
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