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Originally Posted by Moyer
Don't try and change the argument. You're saying that 12ga birdshot is not deadly at less than 10 feet. NONE of those stories even come close to proving that.
If you think that is my argument, you misunderstand me. As I recall, the argument was "there is not a commonly sold 12ga round that will not drop a man with a center mass shot.". My answer is that even with a center mass shot, people do take 12 ga rounds and not only keep going for awhile; but survive. I then gave links showing this and noted that as shot size increases, there are fewer and fewer of these types of stories.

That isn't to say that 12ga birdshot at household distances can't kill you. It most certainly can. However, people take center mass shots of birdshot (a commonly sold 12ga round) and do not drop. Those stories get less common as shot size increases, so the type of 12ga round used does matter.
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