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Midway has served me well over the years and contributed many dollars to Larry's enterprise. The only problem I have had with drop shipments or when they use USPS. Ordered some powder a few weeks ago and never received a shipping notice for the drop shipment. I live in a rural area and travel a great deal. I return home about two weeks after the order to see three attempted delivery notices on my door and will have to pick up at the FedEx facility which is 45 miles away. Called FedEx and Midway.and instructed them to return the powder to shipper. The Midway people were very nice and would credit my account. Just won't order powder or primers from them anymore.
Midway won't drop-ship powder or primers, and they state such many times in product descriptions and checkout procedures ("Adult signature required"). You can't blame Midway for that one.
And, it's generally a bad idea to go out of town, when you're expecting a delivery...
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