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People like Dr. Martin Fackler and Duncan MacPherson are not mall ninjas.

In 1959 Duncan MacPherson developed a new guidance technique and the equations that were used to guide the Mercury astronauts into orbit on the Atlas launch vehicle. These equations were modified under his supervision to control Gemini and, later, Apollo launches. Both his BS and MS degrees were won at MIT's Honors Course in Mechanical Engineering.

In the early sixties he began to study and research trajectory dynamics. He wrote the book, "Bullet Penetration: Modeling the Dynamics and the Incapacitation Resulting From Wound Trauma."

If you want to dismiss his work as "Internet" that's fine - but it doesn't lessen his actual credibility or expertise in reality.

The people who read this forum can decide if they want to listen to people like Dr. Martin Fackler and Duncan MacPherson's recomendations based on medical and scientific research, or if they want to listen to the advise of people who base their experience on having shot ducks, turkeys, deer and water jugs.
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