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At work tonight, one of my clerks got a question she couldn't answer regarding grip compatibility with 2nd-gen S&W automatics. I was gargling coffee, so she figured she'd look it up on Wikipedia.

I heard a loud "grawwwrgh!" She tracked me down, asked the question, and said, "I'd have looked it up, but stupid Wikipedia's down." The customer looked up at the mention of it and remarked that he was inconvenienced by the outage as well.

That got me thinking: most folks wouldn't care, or even know, about SOPA. Most folks don't get involved. Heck, most folks can't name their congressman. But one web site takes itself down in a one-day protest, and by that, manages to propel the issue into the popular conscience.

We can, and have, harnessed that kind of power to help our cause, but never quite to the massive level that Wikipedia has done in a one-day blackout.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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