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We put a lot of time into training out labs to do both. Our most recent sale was to a client in Georgia who bought a 18 month old dog from us who we raised in the house. He is every bit as good a bird dog if not better than a kennel raised dog. This dog lived for two things, the retrieve and your companionship.

If you want a good dual purpose dog look at the pedigree. Don't get a pup who's parents are both field champions and that is all that is in their pedigree. Get one with a mixed pedigree. Usually the stud has a good hunting pedigree and the female has a good show pedigree. This combination will give the pup a better chance at being a good house pet as well as being able to perform in the field. If you get a straight hunting dog, it will drive you nuts with how much energy it will have.

If you need help picking a breeder or need help learning how to pick one please shoot me a PM and I will help you out. what ever you do, do not go to just any old breeder and get a pup, you could wind up being very sorry if the pup turns out not to be healthy have you have to put it down early or are not able to hunt with it.
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