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Originally Posted by KLRANGL
There are also a few health risks involved that would need to be worked out first.
For those of you that do not know, RF (radio frequency) radiation can cause long-term health risks. Namely to the eyes and/or testes of a human, being that those are the two softest tissue types on the human body.

4th Amendment concerns aside, I doubt the feasibility of an "active" (meaning a RADAR-type system where RF is transmitted in a directional pattern and receives reflections of objects to generate an image) system to be fully operational and effective without subjecting unknowing citizens to potentially harmful RF radiation.

I also doubt the effectiveness of a "passive" (does not transmit, only receives a wide range of signals and filters out undesired signals based on what I would presume to be a complex system of filters and processors in such a fancy piece of equipment) system to reliably locate weapons and accurately distinguish them from other everyday consumer items such as watches, metal pens, keys, cell phones, PDA's, etc...

I don't think the technology is there, quite frankly, and I think it's a fool's errand that will result in quite a few lawsuits for many different reasons....
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