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Jim March mentioned Righthaven. This company pursued questionable copyright claims against a large number of websites. The Electronic Freedom Frontier has helped in litigation against Righthaven, including filing two briefs in the 9th Circuit recently.

In the news release linked above, EFF says:
In the course of its work fighting the Righthaven cases, EFF unearthed a document showing the copyright assignment was a sham, and that Righthaven never owned the copyrights it sued over. As a result, many of Righthaven's bogus cases have been dismissed in district court.

While many defendants paid settlements, Righthaven has never won a single case on the merits and has been ordered to pay over $200,000 for defendants' attorneys fees and $5,000 in sanctions. Righthaven's domain name,, was auctioned to help pay these judgments, and founder and CEO, Las Vegas attorney Steven A. Gibson, is currently being investigated by the Nevada State Bar. However, Righthaven is now looking to the Ninth Circuit to salvage its dangerous business model.
Over the years, I have routinely visited EFF's site at and the site of another organization devoted to privacy issues: While I certainly don't agree on all their views on various topics, forum members interested in these topics may want to take a look at these websites.
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