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Thanks, Archie. Underwear status aside, there should definitely be something on the list about situational awareness.

Most of the points made by other posters are already represented on the list somehow.

16. At night, move after shooting
I would say use common sense there, moving out of cover and exposing yourself even at night can be deadly (to you)
Today 03:02 PM
Exactly. These aren't meant as being applicable in all situations. The point is, be aware that at night, people tend to return fire at muzzle flashes.

Move obliquely. In an unpredictable manner. An oblique move gives two elements to deal with when moving. Jerkly random moves prevent precise takes a trained infantryman 1.5 seconds to acquire, aim and hit a target...
That's a good point.

Cover v. concealment is covered in our training.

SQUEEZE the trigger. A pull is associated with a jerk. A jerk causes a miss, or worse an unintended hit (innocent bystander).

Also with the practice, they need to learn how to call their shots (lots of info about that from various successful IPSC/USPSA shooters).
Good point on the terminology. I need to look into shot calling.
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