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We constantly judge the past by the standards of our time and yet it would be difficult for any of us to understand the standards that they lived with and why they were the way they were... Lots of things happen in history, and if appologies need to happen then everyone pretty much needs to appologize to everybody. I am aware of no race, color or lack of color, of any people on the face of the earth that have not been enslaved at one time or another or in some way treated as a serious underdog.

The Constitution was a product of the beliefs at the time and despite its good and its bad parts it has led us to being the most advanced society this planet has ever seen.... and previous to the last two decades enjoying some of the greatest freedoms on earth.

Certainly like all nations at some point near or far others will judge our nation for the beliefs we had in given time periods, should we hope they will be charitable or maybe they should condem us for not understanding what future beliefs will bring as we seem to like to do to our ancestors..
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