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Stop to think

Military and police use of shotguns have different tactical considerations than those of the average homeowner. If over penetration could be a problem, that rules out large buckshot such as "0", "'00" or "000". At typical distances within the home, even #4 shot (not #4 buck) is very deadly. A standard load of #4 buck, in 12 gauge, has 27 pellets, each of .22 caliber. Going back to #4 shot, a two-ounce turkey load of #4 shot will blow a hole in someone large enough to see through.

This topic is beaten to death just about every week. If you center the pattern on a home invader, it pretty much won't matter what size buckshot you use. You'll need private cleaning contractors who specialize in crime scene cleanup to remove the bloody mess from the walls, ceiling and floors.
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