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Mr. Merad, thank you! Gizmodo is a go, though I'm now more worried than before. A "good faith belief" being all that's required to shut some one down? Because no one has ever absued soemthing like that. No Just Couldn't happen. And it plays right in to Mr. March's concerns! I was worried about over zealous government censorship before, but what about just straight malicious internet bickering between opposing groups! And it needn't be for as good of (if massively missguided and just plain wrong) a reason as the Bradey group trying to yank us off line. What about some teenage girl throwing a hissy fit at a friends forum?

Perhaps I'm over-reacting. The temper comes with the red hair.
Thanks to all for your contributions. Discussions like this are why I got into government, and are, after a manner of speaking, love selling cars.
I am going to try and go sell some cars, so I won't be responding too quickly, but I'll try and flash back here through out the day.
Thank you again.
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