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"I know this will make me look like a freak but I like Dixie triball. I all so like the Winchester PDX1-12 but I like the triball more.

Nothing like 3 60caliber balls to stop some one.

I feel I need to mention I would not recommend this if you have neighbors. "

I've never used the tri-ball, but I usually stuff a round or that Winchester PDXI-12 in between some 00 Buckshot when I have to clear the house. I don't think that it's strictly necessary (as in, I probably won't need anything more than the buckshot), but you never know.

The PDXI-12 will pretty much incapacitate someone, like...NOW. There is something to be said for that, home invasions aren't super common in my area, but when they happen it's usually someone hoped up on meth or crack, I don't need them to stay standing long enough to put two 9MM's in my chest. It is hard to beat a 1 ounce slug plus 3 rounds of plated buckshot when you need them down now.
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