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Doc, I understand your question and comments.

I still have to reply that private property is private property. I do not think it is a form of gun control. I think it is a decision of the company (Property Owner) and is probably based on what they feel is best for the company.

"I have tried to think of peaceful ways for the people to influence such employers. There's;"
1) Voting for a new president and hoping for the best.

So if the anti-gun folks get their say via a new executive officer, are you OK with this? Why should it be OK for you, but not for them? Would a new president order Safeway to allow concealed carry by all employees?

2) Contacting your local govenors/senators and the legislature approach.

Would it be OK for these people to push through legislation/ordinances that mandates all houses be painted purple? What if they wanted to push through a law that allowed the police to do random checks of your house with-out a warrant or probable cause? Who needs private property rights.

3) Attrition/boycotting the business.

That might work. But if it does not, I bet Safeway's would just close the store, putting you and a lot of others out of a job. Again, if you worked for me and I found out you were recommending a boycott of my business, you would be gone.

4) Petitioning the local community for change.

While you are asking the local community for a change, why not ask them also to pass a law that says anyone who carries must carry ONLY an Colt 1851 Navy revolver? (No reproductions!)

5) Asking nicely.

BINGO! Explain in clear, precise terms why you want them to allow you (and others) to carry a concealed weapon at work. Maybe you can get a dozen others to sign the letter.

I have heard people talk about their Constitutional Rights before and they do not fully understand what those rights are. Your First and Second Amendment Rights stop on my front lawn. As a private property owner, with a few exceptions, I have the right to stop your First and Second Amendment Rights
at my property line.

Write a letter to the company. Get like minded co-workers to sign the letter. But be prepared for it to be denied.
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