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1858 revolving carbine

I got the Uberti 1858 Cattleman's Carbine for Christmas (new from Cabela's) and didn't have much time to mess with it during the holidays so I put it in the safe. I got it out last night, admired it for a bit, then set to cleaning it. The bore was dirty and when I cleaned it a brown rusty looking residue came out on the patches. My first reaction was rust!!! I brushed the bore and ran patches down it till it finally came out mirror bright and no evidence of any problems, so it must have been an oil or cosmoline like stuff that Uberti puts in the bore..? None of my Pietta revolvers had that treatment. The cylinder is fine and the internals were well oiled and quite smooth, but found none of the brown stuff. I still plan to run a couple patches with flitz down the bore and do another good cleaning, then to the range.
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