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Back in the day, we all had rifles in our trucks in the High School parking lot starting October 1st (elk season opener), settled our disputes at lunch hour down at Seely's barn using our knuckels, and if the cops caught us with beer on the weekends they took us home and let dad "teach us a lesson".

As far as the OPs' original post, I truly believe that people often have these illogical beliefs about use of force because they have never had any personal experience with crime. I believe, but can't prove, that once some becomes a crime victim, their thinking on self defense changes rather quickly.

I would suspect that the DA in this case would most surely become an advocate for use of force if he/she were ever assulted and couldn't find a cop anywhere around to help.

Personal experience is becoming more and more benign. Fewer and fewer people need to actually provide for themselves. We are becoming an urban society where everything we need is just around the corner at the local box store. People aren't required to provide their own subsitance. They don't need to provide their own security living in the gated community. Therefore, they think it savage when they hear of someone actually defending themselves.

It all changes once it they actually have an experience!!
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