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Hi MLeake, thanks for setting me straight about not being able to carry the Beretta cocked and locked, I obviously have a lot to learn.

Is it really even your decision to make? Is this your wife or your child?

You may not realize it, but some of those arguments you are making come across as chauvinist/condescending. That may not be your intention, but I can't imagine telling my wife "I will not let you touch the ______ gun until you train to my standards.
I'm not sure how you go from what I posted:
Also need to decide with the wife whether the handgun should be accessible to her as a line of defense before she's had a chance to do live-fire training with it (seems like the prevailing opinion here is 'no').
and arrive at your imagined words from my mouth, but I suppose this is where I should point out that I don't know if you're aware that you come across as failing to thoroughly read what people write before you make judgement. That may not be your intention.

I'm sure my marriage dynamics are not the same as everyone's, nor would I expect them to be. I don't believe I am chauvinist, but I do believe that I have my realms of authority and my wife has hers. I bow to her expertise in several areas and vice versa. I'm not in the habit of issuing orders to my wife (your imagined quote from me don't reflect my style), but I believe I am capable of convincing her one way or another in terms of our approach to gun handling, especially in the early stages of ownership. I'm glad to hear everyone's opinions on the subject, including hers.

BTW, I ended up working late tonight, so no trip to the range . Hopefully tomorrow!

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